MagellanOSP 6.6

Manages and controls the work of Magellan scanners
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Optimize and update the functionality of Magellan fixed barcode scanners by connecting them to a personal computer and scanning the software components with the dedicated utility. It then provides the option to download and install the latest driver updates, access configuration settings, perform scanning, etc.

Magellan On-Screen Programming (OSP) software is a Windows-based software utility which allows customers to update, configure and manage all current Magellan fixed bar code scanners. Magellan OSP provides an alternative means to traditional programming bar codes to configure any current Magellan scanner using a PC, a programming cable and power supply. Note: All Magellan 9500, 8500, 8200, 8100, 2200VS (non-Enhanced), 2300HS (non-Enhanced), 1400i (before July 2008), 1000i (before July 2008) models are NOT supported by Magellan OSP.

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